Photo: Jona Laffin


Composition Commissions issued to Wertmüller and Pelzel for Neue S@ITEN

Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Stuttgart, Germany


“Neue S@ITEN” is a series of the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra that will be held for the second time now in 2016/17. The series features New Music programs to be performed with partners from Stuttgart – namely Aleph Gitarrenquartett, Ensemble Ascolta and the Neue Vokalsolisten. For each concert a work will be commissioned to be written for these special line-ups.
The pieces will take into consideration the nature of the bodies of musicians involved, in each case bringing together the two different ensembles in one piece of work. In the project with the Aleph Gitarrenquartett the new work “Erythros” by Spanish composer Mauricio Sotelo will be centerstage.
With Ensemble Ascolta, that already boasts an extraordinary line-up itself, two Swiss composers will shift into the limelight: Michael Pelzel and Michael Wertmüller, who will be creating modern “concerti grossi” for two bodies of musicians.
Rupert Huber will now write his piece – originally only planned for Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra with the olive tree as its theme – for the chamber orchestra and the Neue Vokalsolisten. In the evening-long performance he himself will be conducting and also singing.
The EvS Music Foundation is supporting the composition commissions issued to Michael Pelzel and Michael Wertmüller.
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra felt it was important to select an as wide as possible range of composers so as to present different compositional stances to the audience.


Early December 2016
March 2017
Theaterhaus Stuttgart

June/July 2017
Theaterhaus Stuttgart / church


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