Five Composition Commissions

Ensemble LUX:NM GbR, Berlin, Germany


Ensemble LUX:NM is devoted to the performance of contemporary music and sees itself as an initiator of new works by regularly issuing composition commissions. Intense ensemble work and close collaboration with composers make extraordinary new projects possible that feature electronics and genre-spanning ideas.

With a view to LUX:NM’s festival debut at the Ultraschall Festival in Berlin in January 2018 composition commissions will be issued to Birke Bertelsmeier, Johannes Kreidler, Vassos Nicolaou and Philipp Maintz with the support of the EvS Music Foundation. A first presentation of the new works will be held at an open rehearsal with a workshop feel in November 2017. Concert versions of the works will be performed at the Ultraschall Festival in Berlin as well as at a composition seminar in Santiago de Chile. In Santiago LUX:NM will be hosted as Ensemble in Residence showcasing works by composers living in Germany. Furthermore, an audio play conceived in collaboration with Gordon Kampe will be realized as a stage version in Berlin in September 2018 while 2019 will see the release of a CD as a co-production with the German radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk. The “conductorless” Ensemble LUX:NM wishes to present itself with very varied compositions as a flexible and adaptable collective that not only plays chamber music but also allows other forms of presentation.


November 2017

January 2018



August 2018

Santiago de Chile


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