Four Composition Commissions

Zafraan Ensemble e.V., Germany

Creating music that “grips” you and that demands comprehension rather that distanced observation is the aesthetic impulse driving the work of Berlin composers Johannes Borowski, Eres Holz and Stefan Keller. As part of the concert entitled “Klangrede” or Sound Talk the music creators have now composed new works to meet this requirement with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.
The three composers have been well acquainted with the Zafraan Ensemble for many years; they grew up together, so to speak. From this came the idea of a concert with three premieres particularly highlighting the rhetoric aspect that is so rarely at the forefront of New Music. However, this communicative focus is not just limited to musical content but also affects the creation phase of compositions during which close collaboration is particularly important.
In lab-like rehearsal phases it is possible to observe musical structures microscopically, to experiment and give each other feedback already at an early stage of the creative process. The public also has the opportunity to take part in both the theoretical exploration and the practical experimentation of musicians and composers via new media. The twelve-month process is thus aimed at increasing interest in the performances and facilitating appreciation of the music.
However, this also triggers new ideas and additional energy for the composers and performers. At the concert itself each premiere will be juxtaposed by an older work by the three composers with a smaller line-up. This gives rise to a program revealing a strong aesthetic stance and inviting the audience to a pointed musical experience.

November 13, 2015
Werner-Otto-Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin

November 2015
SWR ars nova Concert Series

February 7, 2016
Gare du Nord, Basel

February 2016
Felicja Blumental Music Center

February 2016
Jerusalem Music Centre

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