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A History of the Voice – carte blanche to Jennifer Walshe

HYOID contemporary voices, Bruxelles, Belgium

What is a voice? How does it sound? What do we expect of it? What can it do for us? How can a human speak after their larynx has been removed? Why are people from Leeds singing in American accents on X Factor? Why is call and response important? Why did the BBC alter the voices of the IRA for broadcast? Why do we need to hear everybody in the house say "PARTY"?

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation supports the commission to Jennifer Walshe. “History of the Voice (Self Care II)" is a carte blanche given by HYOID contemporary voices to the Irish-British composer/performer. Walshe, also a singer and improviser herself, is conceiving for the first time a full-length program of music theatre for solo voices: the HYOID quartet, with electronics and video. Jennifer Walshe decided to enjoy the opportunity of a full program with singers to present a very subjective "History of the Voice", exploring various gestures, techniques, and expressing modes within a wide musical spectrum of references.


October 22, 2017, Transit festival at STUK, Leuven, Belgium

November 2018, Huddersfield Festival, UK


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