IKARUS – Vom Fliegen und Fallen/ICARUS – Of Flying and Falling (WT) A New Music Theater Work for Children

Theater an der Parkaue – Junges Staatstheater Berlin


Inspired by the Icarus myth, Theater an der Parkaue is launching an interdisciplinary piece of musical theater for children. The story tells of the importance of flight for Icarus in the context of the father-son relationship, examining to what extent Icarus’s fall can be reinterpreted in this light: rather than interpreting the fall as failure it can be seen as the son’s opportunity and act of liberation, as a way out for a generation constantly confronted with a mania for perfection and a pressure to succeed.

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting the composition commission issued to the Kazakh composer Sanzhar Baiterekov whose music is influenced by shamanic culture, alternating between mythical carpets of sound and pointed, dynamic tonal creation. The premiere is planned for June 2018.


June 1st, 2018

Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin