Munich Biennale 2018 – Festival for New Music Theater

Munich Biennale, Munich, Germany

At a time when all information formerly locked away in the personal sphere can be shared on social networks is anything private anymore?
Forming a central component of the 2018 festival will be the private operas that explore these questions. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is supporting composition commissions issued to Stefan Prins and Ondrej Adamek for the 2018 Biennale.

The music and dance staging THIRD SPACE by composer Stefan Prins focalizes the hybrid physical-virtual environment we experience in our everyday lives: surveillance cameras and monitors / projections / headphones / tablets – all these create a multi-dimensional, immersive space that incorporates the bodies of the protagonists.

In ALLES KLAPPT, ALLE SIND GESUND (AT) // FALSE GOOD NEWS Ondrej Adamek explores the history of his own family: from the postcards of his grandfather who was deported to Theresienstadt he develops and composes, together with his librettist Katharina Schmitt, a piece of musical theater of an archive brought to life.

June 2 – July 12, Munich

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