Seven Composition Commissions

Trio Arbós, Madrid, Spain


For twenty years now Trio Arbós has been building a new repertoire for piano trio with over one hundred works being written so far. The trio has now decided to fill another gap in Spanish music culture. Flamenco as the root of Spanish folk music is to serve as a source of reflection and inspiration for classical, contemporary composers.

For this purpose the trio has issued composition commissions to seven respected composers: Thierry Pécou, Aureliano Cattaneo, Bernhard Gander, Mauricio Sotelo, Elena Mendoza, Jesús Torres and Miguel Gálvez-Taroncher. Their challenge is to devote themselves to flamenco from their own personal perspective with the greatest possible artistic freedom as the only pre-requisite.

The trio has only set a few limitations. The composers have various flamenco forms, so-called “palos”, which they have to adhere to. Each piece has to be a maximum of seven minutes long and be written for violin, cello and piano. Furthermore, it must be possible to include a singer and a percussionist.

This project is supported by the EvS Music Foundation. It triggers a fruitful dialog between the power and intensity of Spanish flamenco music and the demanding music of our times.


September 2016
Festival Musica, Strasbourg

October 2016
Festival Transart, Bolzano

November 2016
CNDM Reina Sofia, Madrid

December 2016
Teatro Central, Seville

February 2017
Banff Center, Canada


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