Photo: Nils Klinger


27 Composition Commissions for Organ

Kulturplattform St. Martin, Kassel, Germany

The organ of the Martinskirche in Kassel, inaugurated in 2017 with a festival sponsored by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, opens up new possibilities for the composition of New Music thanks to its unique technical features – including, for the first time, flexible wind supply control in parallel across all organ ranks, also realized for the first time with overpressure. It also offers a quarter-tone manual and a rank with 31 tones per octave. In addition, there are purely tuned aliquots of all intervals and wind-flexible reed stops.

During the BRANDNEU festival from June 25 to September 18, 2022, 27 new works for organ by 27 composers from 27 countries will be premiered in 23 concerts. The compositions hold a magnifying glass on the avant-garde of organ music, sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. 

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