Photo: Aitor Izaguirre


Composition Commissions issued to Liza Lim, Raphaël Cendo and Manuel Hidalgo

Sigma Project, Madrid, Spain

The Sigma Project grouped around Ángel Soria Díaz works consistently at expanding the repertoire for saxophone quartet, regularly commissioning compositions for this purpose. Three composers from the international music scene have been commissioned for the 2020 season: Liza Lim, Raphaël Cendo and Manuel Hidalgo.
Lim's music explores collaborative and transcultural practices in depth, with a focus on Asian and indigenous sources. With its wide range of possibilities and timbres the saxophone quartet offers the best conditions for the composer to pursue those musical questions that have always determined her work. Raphaël Cendo, on the other hand, is very interested in spectral and popular music. His music takes sound, space and musical gestures to the extreme. Concerts are always also rituals for him.
Manuel Hidalgo's roots as a composer lie in pop music – to this day, he has always worked with popular music sound material, breaking with conventions and expectations.  

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