Photo: Manu Theobald


Composition Commission issued to Brigitta Muntendorf: Trilogy for Two Pianos

Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen, Hanover, Germany


The renowned GrauSchumacher Piano Duo takes its audience on a journey from the early modern era with Claude Debussy right through to the most current present day, to the premiere of a new work by Brigitta Muntendorf funded by the EvS Music Foundation. KreisIncrease is the new part to Muntendorf’s Trilogy for Two Pianos, issued by KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen to be premiered in the first complete performance of this trilogy. With its live electronics Muntendorf’s energetic and directly physical music goes beyond the purely pianistic. In a kind of musical conversation the two pianists’ presentations of the past and present are connected by the will for self-determination.

Also moving in the same thematic field of tension are compositions by Bernd Alois Zimmermann that bring musical pasts into the present day. Claude Debussy’s works, for their part, question the present in what has passed in terms of how it articulates itself in old inscriptions, the Six Épigraphes antiques, and in dedications to departed friends in En blanc et noir. The concert ends with Zimmermann’s Monologues from 1964 that seem to summarize all these aspects again from a compositional perspective and which are described as an Homage to Claude Debussy in the subtitle.


May 21, 2018
Orangerie, Herrenhausen, Hanover, Germany


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