Photo: Astrid Ackermann


Composition Commission issued to Chaya Czernowin

Music of the Centuries / Festival of New Music ECLAT, Stuttgart, Germany

Chaya Czernowin is composing the "madrigal opera" IMMATERIAL, a one-hour work that combines a madrigal book with operatic sequences. In a new and heightened way, it distills what constitutes the special quality of Czernowin's music: immediate sensory experience with simultaneous abstraction. The result is a sensory drama of madrigals that becomes a word-less/story-less opera. Here pure sensations and modulations between sensory perceptions – from visual sound to felt (touched) sound – can create an experience prompting listeners to become their own storytellers, as sound becomes a provocation, a trigger of an experience. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation has made possible the composition commission issued to Chaya Czernowin.

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