Composition Commission issued to Clara Iannotta

Jack Quartet, New York City, USA


With the support of the EvS Music Foundation the New York Jack Quartet has issued a composition commission for a 25-minute work to Italian composer Clara Iannotta. Jack and Iannotta share a strong affinity for the detailed exploration of sounds. Key to them both is a performative aspect where sound and action come together. Furthermore, objects and actions are integrated into the composition so as to extend the artistic practices of the quartet into a sound machine. Musicologist and philosopher Barbara Barthelmes described Iannotta's work as follows: "Though Iannotta's compositions do have a certain ‘theatricality’ of their own. Theatricality – meaning the corporeality of sound, its inner movement, its states of excitement and its instrumental genesis out of silence, one which views that sound not detached from the gesture producing it or from the staging in the context of each different instrumental structure.”

Featured as part of a series of concerts entitled JACK Frontiers the premiere is to be held in New York City in the fall of 2019. The composition will also be made a firm fixture in the string quartet’s international tour schedule.


October 2019
New York City, USA


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