Photo: Gregor Glogowski


Composition Commission issued to Diego Ramos Rodríguez

Glogowski/Hoesch GbR for UNA ENSEMBLE, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

What holds community(ies) together? For their new music theater piece, the two theater makers Gregor Glogowski and Benjamin Hoesch use a percussion studio to go in search of powerful answers. Away from the usual discourses and ideologies of community, they accompany the two virtuoso specialists Yuka Ohta and Yu-Ling Chiu in their daily exploration of rhythm. How does one share a pulse? What does it mean to groove together? And what can connect people with each other tonally beyond the four-four time? Designed in collaboration with the composer Diego Ramos Rodríguez, the Labor-Arena invites the audience to gather around an oversized sound object constructed out of two marimbas, a xylophone and a vibraphone with 172 keys and a range of 5 octaves. Rhythm as a common ritual and choreography is the main focus of the evening, opening up a force field of light and concrete sounds. The stage becomes a shared space where everyone can re-examine their longing for synchronicity.

Artistic Direction: Gregor Glogowski and Benjamin Hoesch | Composition: Diego Ramos Rodríguez | Music/Performance: Yu-Ling Chiu and Yuka Ohta | Sound Direction: Robin Bös | Instrument Construction: Friedrich Hartung | Production Management: Lisa Gehring and Carmen Salinas

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