Photo: Sinfonietta Dresden


Composition Commission issued to Franz Martin Olbrisch

Sinfonietta Dresden, Germany

Technology in its original meaning refers to a kind of skill or craft rather than something outside the human body. In this context the word appears right until the Renaissance as a collective term of artes mechanicae. Only later does its meaning increasingly shift towards a totality of human-made objects such as machines, devices and apparatuses.

Both readings of the term will be considered in the concert. Man and technology will dovetail in this program that seeks interfaces in both the musical and extra-musical. In addition to two commissioned compositions by Franz Martin Olbrisch, Déserts by Edgar Varese and Appels by Michaël Levinas will be performed. The fifth work is a world premiere by the Korean composer Sol-I So, who is a student of Olbrisch’s at the Dresden College of Music.

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