Photo: Astrid Karger


Composition Commission issued to Márton Illés

Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne, Germany

In the 2020/2021 season, the Gürzenich Orchestra will be shining the spotlight on the music of Béla Bartók.
From today's perspective, Bartók's music appears to be exemplary in the way it achieves an approach to modernity through the examination of its own roots, revealing an alternative to the Western European models without throwing their principles overboard.
Over the course of the season, the orchestra is commissioning a composition by Márton Illés, among others. From the perspective of a melting pot of different cultural influences, the composer sets out in search of a new kind of orchestral sound. In so doing, he retains influences from the visual arts, a thinking in gestures, lines and states of energy. Newer tendencies in his musical thinking, that likewise explore spatial phenomena, also play a role.
Significant impulses are generated via workshops and tryouts, which the orchestra incorporates with the composer into the beginning of the composition phase. The result of this collaboration will be premiered as part of the Gürzenich Orchestra's subscription concerts.

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