Photo: Nadar Ensemble


Composition commission issued to Michael Beil

Nadar Ensemble, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Over the past few years, Nadar ensemble and Michael Beil have worked together on several occasions, with more than 30 performances worldwide. Hide to Show will be created in the context of Nadar ensembles 5-year residency at Concertgebouw in Bruges, Belgium. The title is taken quite literally at its word. The musicians hide behind a screen to show what they do. The actual performance is not what they play, but what they play back. Their parts contain virtualized music, which, through their imitation, becomes real. And every time a blind is opened or closed, there is a surprise. Michael Beil’s work focuses on the combination of electronic music, instrumental music and video. His compositions are based on concepts concerning the situation on stage in a concert in connection with the development process of musical works.

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