Photo: Martin Hauser


Composition Commission issued to Sara Glojnarić

Theater Freiburg, Germany

The moon is one of the most well-worn objects of longing of the past: It is caught in the force field between romantic transfiguration and modern technification, between the megalomania of territorial domestication and emotional appropriation. And sometimes it is merely a backdrop. Composer Sara Glojnarić and librettist Emma Braslavsky inject an active layer of meaning into the moon as an object: they leverage its great nostalgic power by tilting it toward the future. What do I want to remember tomorrow? This is a question which assumes that in a near future virtual and real experiences can overlap, overwrite and intermingle. In this world, our real experiences can be recoded virtually. Immersive Nostalgia Consumption. This both utopian and dystopian model of the future is aimed at fundamental questions of what it means to be human. Questions specifically posed by Generation Y, to which both the composer and the librettist belong and from whose dreams, longings, fears, neuroses and abysses the material is woven. The composition commission issued to Sara Glojnarić for Theater Freiburg is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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