Photo: Markku Pihlaja


INSIDE – SISÄLLÄ | Composition Commission issued to Vito Žuraj

Helsinki Chamber Choir, Finland

How does an artist's physical disability influence his attitude to life, his ability to continue to communicate and work? Is there a noticeable effect on his artistic work after being hit by illness?
To mark the celebrations in the Beethoven year 2020, Slovenian composer Vito Žuraj
will be composing a work dealing with the impact of disability on the artist and his work. The most famous example of an artist with disabilities is probably Ludwig van Beethoven, who faced increasing deafness jeopardizing his work and livelihood. The librettist Klaus Händl places the composer in context with other artistic personalities such as Claude Monet from music and the fine arts. They all suffered from physical impairments, presenting their artistic work with obstacles. The composition project stimulates the audience and sensitizes them to what living with disability really means, especially for an artist. The world premiere of INNEN – SISÄLLÄ will be performed by the Helsinki Chamber Choir under the baton of Nils Schweckendiek. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is funding the composition commission issued to Vito Žuraj.


August 30, 2020
Salzlager Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany

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