Photo: Ernst Fesseler


Composition Commission issued to Wolfgang Heiniger

Association For Schlag, Bière, Switzerland


HYPER DUO is a Swiss ensemble founded by pianist Gilles Grimaître and percussionist Julien Mégroz. Both from French-speaking Switzerland, the two met during the prestigious Lucerne Festival in 2012. With a shared passion for adventurous repertoire and the presentation of new works, the two have regularly performed together in Switzerland and abroad. Over time, they came to focus not only on the rich and ever-expanding body of repertoire which exists for piano and percussion, but also to offer a new approach to the traditional concert format, notably by prioritizing staging and dramaturgy. Always searching for original programs which blur the boundaries between music and performance-art, the duo represents a collective exploration of sound, space and affect.

For their German and Swiss tour in December 2018, HYPER DUO decided to commission a new work – with the support of the EvS Music Foundation – to the Swiss composer Wolfgang Heiniger and to include it in their project HYPER MATIERE. The idea of working with Wolfgang Heiniger was important for the duo: this hybrid and eclectic composer, well-known for his close collaborations with artists, is used to breaking the barriers which all too often separate composers from musicians. This is a fundamental point for HYPER DUO: active creation and collaboration with composers during intense working phases.

Heiniger’s new work, entitled Flutland, will be premiered at Unerhörte Musik in Berlin on December 11, 2018. Two more concerts will follow in Germany (Leipzig and Cologne) and in Bern (organized by IGNM Bern).


December 11, 2018
BKA Theater, Berlin, Germany

December 12, 2018
Kulturhalle, Leipzig, Germany

December 13, 2018
On Neue Musik, Cologne, Germany

December 15, 2018
IGNM Bern, Switzerland


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