Photo: Andrea Felvegi


Composition Commission to Judit Varga: Anamorphoses Berlin-Budapest

Transparent Sound New Music Festival, Budapest, Hungary in Cooperation with Heroines of Sound Festival, Berlin, Germany

The double composition commission issued to Judit Varga and the performances by the ensemble Lux:NM and Ensemble Interface mean the protagonists of the New Music scene in Germany and Hungary can be brought together and allowed to network. The works Anamorphosis I and II by Judit Varga will be performed as part of the Heroines of Sound Festival in Berlin and as part of the Transparent Sound Festival in Budapest. This cooperation thereby generates new impulses with joint concerts, workshops and discourses.
Hungarian composer Judit Varga begins with the assumption that composing, practicing, rehearsing, performing and listening are not separate activities. Together these form a creative process and it is only through this that composition and music can actually arise. Thus – depending on the participating members of this creative process – a basic compositional idea can have different outcomes. Composition, musician and audience meet on equal terms and explore the tension between instrumental chamber music, electronic music and performance via audiovisual concepts.

June 3, 2019
Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany

January 9, 2020
Solti Hall, Liszt Academy, Budapest, Hungary

January 16, 2020
October Hall, CEU, Budapest, Hungary

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