Photo: Dominik Butzmann


Composition Commissions for the Children's Concert Series Rapauke macht Musik (Rapauke makes Music)

Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Germany

For five years now, Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra has been organizing the successful children's concert series "Rapauke macht Musik". Four concerts per season are chamber music concerts aimed at three to six-year-old children and their families. The aim is to give the children an understanding of a wide spectrum of music from various styles and epochs. Contemporary works such as those by Luciano Berio, Katia Tchemberdji or Sofia Gubaidulina are also part of the program. For the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, a Composer-in-Residence will be engaged for this series, who will compose a chamber music miniature for each program in line with the theme, to then be performed as part of the series. The specific brief is that these works should not be "children's music" but works limited solely by the brevity of form. It has been possible to enlist Mayako Kubo (2019/20) and Daniel Ott (2020/21), two artists not only established as composers but both boasting a wealth of experience in composing with and for children, to take part in the project.
The openness of the young listeners allows them to hone in on the contemporary works in an informal way. The idea of a Composer-in-Residence will create a connection between the children and the composer and thus foster even stronger interest in the compositions. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is funding the composition commissions.

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