Photo: Daniele Caminiti


Composition Commission issued to Jorge Sanchez-Chiong

Ensemble Inverspace, Mannheim, Germany

Jorge Sanchez-Chiong's new interactive project is made possible by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. The audio and visual material are being produced in the run-up by participants and will be available as a finished product. Depending on the space either loudspeakers and projection screens will be set up or several desks with computers and headphones will be made available. The audience will have the opportunity to take part in the piece. By means of interactive user interfaces featuring several control units the listeners will be invited to alter the tonal images and videos according to their wishes. Modulation of the overall sound and the visual material will thus be perceived instantaneously. Ensemble Inverspace places the emphasis here not on a technically complex implementation of the installation but rather on creative collaboration between the ensemble, the composers and the audience.

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