Photo: François Volle


Composition Commissions issued to Lisa Streich und Hanspeter Kyburz

Collegium Novum Zürich, Switzerland

In the 2020/2021 concert season Collegium Novum Zürich is issuing composition commissions to Lisa Streich and Hanspeter Kyburz.

Lisa Streich is composing an ensemble work for Collegium Novum Zürich featuring microtonal notation. The essential reason for the premiere is CNZ’s return to the large hall of the renovated Tonhalle am See. Streich’s work will be framed by piano and chamber music works by Debussy, Ligeti’s Chamber Concerto, Boulez’ Mémoriale and a work for harpsichord solo by Gérard Pesson. The Australian-Swiss conductor Elena Schwarz will appear at the CNZ for the first time.

Some 20 years after the transcription of his first piano concerto, Hanspeter Kyburz is once again venturing into this traditional genre. The playing of CNZ pianist Gilles Grimaître, for whom Kyburz “is writing a tailormade concerto”, has certainly fascinated the composer to such an extent that he is entering into a second dialogue with the genre tradition. The world premiere will be conducted by Tito Ceccherini who is also collaborating with the CNZ for the first time and will likewise be conducting the Russian premiere in St. Petersburg.

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is funding the composition commissions issued to the EvS Composers’ Prizewinners Lisa Streich (2017) and Hanspeter Kyburz (2000).

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