Composition Commissions issued to Riccardo Nova and Paolo Perezzani

Milano Musica – Associazione per la musica contemporanea, Milan, Italy


“György Kurtág. Ascoltando Beckett” (György Kurtág. Inspired by Beckett) – is the motto for the 27th edition of the Milano Musica Festival. It is devoted to the Hungarian-French composer György Kurtág, to celebrate the premiere of his new opera Fin de Partie based on texts by Samuel Beckett. The project promotes contemporary creativity by stimulating musical dialog with the most innovative artistic forms of expression like contemporary circus. Among others, this year composition commissions have been issued to Riccardo Nova and Paolo Perezzani supported by the EvS Music Foundation. In their work the composers draw inspiration from the creativity of Samuel Beckett. Thus, as part of the festival a new staging inspired by Beckett’s works Act Without Words I and Act Without Words II has been commissioned. This will be set to a new composition by Riccardo Nova for electronics and percussion trio and contains a choreography for three acrobats and one dancer. In focus here is the interaction between contemporary music and circus. Riccardo Nova already has great experience with choreographic projects and can provide the artists with on-going assistance for developing a reciprocal relationship between body language, gestures and music to form contemporary circus art. The staging appeals to a wide audience, primarily children, who are given better access to New Music through the vehicle of impressive circus art. Furthermore, the composer Paolo Perezzani, who displays a close artistic relationship to Beckett, is to write a work for soprano, violin, contrabass and cymbal that is to be performed at Teatro Gerolamo in November 2018.


November 3 & 4, 2018
Teatro del Buratto, Milan, Italy

November 13–16, 2018
Teatro del Buratto, Milan, Italy

November 18, 2018
Teatro Gerolamo, Milan, Italy

November 23, 2018
Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan, Italy


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