Photo: Harald Hoffmann


Composition Commissions issued to Ulrich Kreppein and Sergei Nevsky

klangwerk am bauhaus, Leipzig, Germany

Zwischenfälle | Случаи is held as a dynamic interaction of music, dance, language and movement as part of the Weimar Kunstfest. The aesthetic revolt and social utopian aims of the Russian avant-garde around 1917, which was affiliated to the Bauhaus idea, provide the starting point for this project which aims to trace references to the immediate present and make them visible and tangible.

Zwischenfälle | Случаи is the prelude to the participatory, research-based and long-term laboratory Klang bewegt, a cooperation between professional musicians, young dancers and designers. The aim of the project is to generate among all participants the idea of a generation and genre-spanning cooperation, to initiate a dialogue going beyond verbal communication that specifically makes music and dance perceptible as communication media and to develop artistically challenging projects arising from this crossover between the avant-garde and social commitment.
The music of Arthur Lourié, the sound worlds of the pioneer of electro-acoustic composition Vladimir Ussachevsky and the two central figures of the Russian literary avant-garde Welimir Chlkebnikov and Daniiel Charms, provide the material to trigger choreographic, dance and verbally articulated actions. Sergei Nevsky and Ulrich Kreppein will place the visual and linguistic world of the two poets at the center of their new compositions created for the occasion, which will then be premiered. For choreographer Heike Hennig, the audience is to be part of the production, wandering with the actors across the levels, forming new spaces among themselves, dividing and reuniting. Meandering between the banal and the sublime, reality and nightmare, oases of bliss and blatantly dissonant sound-movement loci.

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