Photo: Michal Ramus


Three Composition Commissions

Alarm Will Sound, New York City, United States 

Alarm Will Sound is planning a new project called Video Chat Variations that presents online premieres on social media and YouTube. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is enabling the project and three composition commissions.
Meredith Monk is composing a hymn revolving around the Buddhist concept of perseverance even when the road is rocky. A communal experience is created by David Lang who combines finds from the homes of ensemble members with their instruments. Daniel Neumann’s composition centers around the telephone – an easy source of misunderstandings and miscommunication. My Prayers Are Made of Silicon: Purify by Rohan Chander is a project that exists in a future society featuring special technologies that confirm the existence of God. Tyshawn Sorey moves in Autoschediasms between austere composition and free improvisation: his live composition is created via remote video with him directing the musicians of Alarm Will Sound with words and gestures and combining the autonomy of ensemble members.

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