Photo: T. Kujawinski / Deutschlandradio


FORUM NEUER MUSIK 2022: Four Composition Commissions

Deutschlandradio, Cologne, Germany

FORUM 2022 is dedicated to the topic of "Colonialism – Postcoloniality" bringing together Western European and non-European perspectives in a dramaturgy of the "double gaze", that complement and question each other. The concert evening care of ensemble recherche has its starting point in Johannes Schöllhorn's new essay collection Karte, Uhr und Partitur. The author follows in the footsteps of explorers and innovators across 600 years of history and places this in the context of advances in cartography and musical notation. New methods in surveying the world become the basis of seafaring and consequently colonialist conquest.

Acting as a counterpart to this is a project care of Ensemble Aventure. Since the mid-1980s, Aventure has contributed to cultural exchange with Latin America. For decades, concerts and commissioned works have marked a new musical direction with Latin American flavor that turns away from European norms.

For Forum 2022, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is enabling composition commissions to be issued to Farzia Fallah, Leopold Hurt, Maximiliano Soto Mayorga and Johannes Schöllhorn.

Due to the current situation and associated regulations, there may be changes at short notice. For the latest information on the project please therefore check