Photo: Manu Theobald


Four Composition Commissions: Lisa Streich, Steffen Krebber, Thierry Tidrow, Francisco C. Goldschmidt

ON – Neue Musik Köln e. V., Cologne, Germany


SOG is the title of a scenic concert where new works for solo flute will be presented by musicians Lisa Streich, Steffen Krebber, Thierry Tidrow and Francisco C. Goldschmidt. The concert will be premiered as part of the 2019 WERFT Festival offering the audience a particularly intense sound experience. Here the phenomenon of “immersion” as an embedding experience in your own environment becomes a key component of the concert project. Virtual realities, for instance in video games, as well as architecture and fine art can create this phenomenon. It occurs when something artificial generates such a suction effect dissolving the borders with the recipients or players so that they feel part of the virtual reality. SOG (literally ‘suction’) transfers this immersion to music. What the four artists whose compositions are being supported by the EvS Music Foundation have in common is an extremely intense musical language that manages to draw the listener into a kind of virtual reality. Devotion to tonal and atmospheric detail plays a particular role here.

It is known from video games that immersion works particularly well when the player is drawn into several layers of action, for instance, by means of spatial representation and the story told within the game. For this reason, SOG places the music within the context of a stage set and directorial concept care of Lea Letzel. She is extremely well versed in creating immersive environments and recounting stories by means of spatial arrangement and therefore makes the ideal choice for this project. By combining the music with Letzel’s staging the music itself becomes more accessible to recipients. SOG is therefore also suited to listeners who are less conversant with New Music.


2nd Half of 2019
Bühne der Alten Feuerwache, Cologne, Germany


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