Four Composition Commissions: Mark Barden, Ann Cleare, Irene Galindo, Ondrej Adamek

Ensemblekollektiv Berlin, Germany


Ensemble Adapter, ensemble mosaik, Sonar Quartett and Ensemble Apparat are four internationally acclaimed Berlin ensembles that together form a joint body of musicians called Ensemblekollektiv Berlin. They stand out with their many years of experience, top-level performances and clear profile. Together these four formations supplement each other to form a body of musicians offering new musical opportunities. The participating ensembles still work within their own structures with specific artistic and musical notions and characteristics. The individual’s relationship to the ensemble, the relationship of the individual ensemble to the collective as well as the chamber music modus operandi as a basis for the collective work all play a key role in their musical exploration. More than just a body of musicians the Ensemblekollektiv is a democratic collaboration that makes possible numerous musical experiments as well as the development of new forms.

With four of the composition commissions supported by the EvS Music Foundation issued to Mark Barden, Ann Cleare, Irene Galindo and Ondrej Adamek the ensemble examines the different opportunities offered by its particular structure. The four composers create new works for 10 to 16 musicians. The choice of performers here is left in their own hands. They can choose the individual ensembles or allow “new ensembles” to arise within the collective. The ensemble’s unusual line-up thereby plays a central role here. It allows the composers to sound out new tonal worlds and test combinations that would not be possible with smaller groupings.


May 12, 2019
Wittener Tage für Neue Musik, Germany


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