Photo: Paula Frances Wilson


How things come together – Composition Commission issued to Bryn Harrison

Contrechamps, Geneva, Switzerland

With Bryn Harrison, a musical idea multiplies like a prism. The material and the perspectives change, yet something familiar is always echoed. Ensemble Contrechamps has commissioned the composer to create a new piece of work to be premiered by the musicians on September 24, 2019.

The composer himself says of his composition: "At the center of my new work are stacked chords, arranged in chains that convey a sense of linearity but circulate, thus avoiding the impression of turning to a goal or a solution. The resulting impression may be comparable to a river or waterfall.


"The pace gradually decreases as the amount of repetition increases and reinforces the impression of a memory exercise. Towards the end of the piece the listener will be deeply immersed in the repetition process. […]"

September 24, 2019
Studio Ernest-Ansermet, Geneva

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