Photo: Ensemble Interface


Instrumental Freak Show

Ensemble Interface, Wiesbaden, Germany

Giovanni Verrando´s Instrumental freak show for voice, transformed and invented instruments, video, staging and electronics is commissioned by Ensemble Interface and a manifesto on diversity. The concert/show presents a peculiar vision of sound, divergent and deformed because it is the outcome of a long, painstaking and permanent research on the relation between lutherie and sound. Moreover, the whole project derives from a personal study by Giovanni Verrando on the literature that deals with freak shows, minstrel shows, dime museums, vaudeville, and so forth. Most of the musical instruments used in this composition are purposely reproduced or invented: daxophone, string instruments with twin caliber strings, digital hyper-instruments made by electronics. The thirty minutes of music are divided into five episodes, each of which features a peculiar sound, a specific instrumentation and a different character. Instrumental freak show thus deals with diversity as a powerful engine of the world. Every agglomerate of matter or of existences, every city, can be viewed as an open freak show, cleansed of all suffering, disdain and abuse, where we can appreciate the deformity of others and become richer through it. The materials and bodies we come into contact with, are possible sources of richness if we observe their capacity to produce knowledge and awareness

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