Photo: fonundtsu performing arts production


Ja, Mama! Nein, Mama! – A musical theatre

fonundtsu performing arts production, Berlin, Germany

With Ja, Mama! Nein, Mama! a performative music theatre is created. It is developed on a textual, acting and musical level. Based on their – strongly changed – real biographies, three actors (based on the three figures of the Jasager according to Hauptmann/Brecht/Weill) stumble through the chain of their past and future life decisions. In small play scenes, performances, dialogues with their superego (the loudspeaker orchestra), dialogues with the audience, but also in songs and musical interjections, they once again put these life decisions up for discussion and continually fail due to the stupidity of reducing the questions to yes-no decisions. From the very beginning, the characters are both tonally and linguistically entangled with Hauptmann/Brecht/Weill's dilemma of the Jasager. The long tradition of the figure of the Jasager, i.e. the question of the subordination or downfall of the individual in relation to the community, hangs over the performative scenes from the very beginning. They are counteracted by a choir of three singers, speaking synchronously as one figure, as chronicler of decisions, and taking up the theme of individual versus collective in songs and chants. This choir is cast locally for each venue. The theme of individual versus collective, which is central to Brecht's work, is taken ad absurdum here: The choir as a collective becomes an individual, which in turn merges into a temporary collective – the performers and musicians.


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