KATA! – Four Composition Commissions

Ensemble risonanze erranti, Munich, Germany

The ensemble risonanze erranti devotes itself with great passion to contemporary music. In order to be able to present its diversity and fascination to the audience, the ensemble‘s musicians are devoting themselves to a major project in 2019. The three-part concert project KATA! will premiere works by composers Klaus Ospald, Peter Ruzicka, Nikolaus Brass and Birke Bertelsmeier. Peter Ruzicka will be writing the ensemble work JAGD for risonanze erranti, Klaus Ospald’s a sei - 'Infauste mure' for baritone and ensemble will also be premiered, Nikolaus Brass has designed the piece for tilling - Capriccio for Cello and small Orchestra for the conductor Peter Tilling and the musicians after several concert visits while Birke Bertelsmeier completes the SUITE for risonanze erranti with another movement. Also especially important for the ensemble is the collaboration with Tristan Murail, to whom risonanze erranti entrusted the German premiere of Near Death Experience d' après L' Île des morts d' Arnold Böcklin. Following the score, Murail’s piece is performed with a film by Hervé Bailly-Basin, a cinematic-musical vision of Arnold Böcklin’s Isle of the Dead. Recent works by Isabel Mundry, Enno Poppe and Hans Abrahamsen complete the program: Das Rohe und das Geformte by Mundry, Sweat for Cello and Small Ensemble by Poppe and Wald for Ensemble by Abrahamsen. With the project KATA! the ensemble risonanze erranti underlines its efforts to have contemporary music and its composers heard at the highest level and to offer its audience a varied program.

March 11, 2019
schwere reiter, Munich, Germany

March 13, 2019
Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany

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