Photo: Anja Weber


KNM Campus Days 2020

Neue Musik für Alle/New Music for All, Berlin, Germany

The “Klangwerkstatt – Festival für Neue Musik in Berlin” plans to extend the educational ambit of the festival together with Ensemble KNM Berlin and the KNM campus ensemble by giving soloists from KNM Berlin the chance to collaborate on commissioned works by James Saunders and Eliav Brand with adult amateurs. The educational program will form part of an opening weekend featuring rehearsals, workshops and concerts. The aim here is to allow the 50 or so musicians a musical and cultural exchange so as to promote the social aspects of making music as well as the interactions between the performers.
James Saunders, Composition Teacher at Bath Spa University, UK, is concerned with people’s behavior and their decision-making processes. His new work investigates how individual decisions can stimulate actions in such a way that the current environment you are in changes. In his composition Eliav Brand, recipient of numerous international prizes and grants, focuses on the external noises of our environment. His new composition All or Nothing for KNM Berlin and the KNM campus ensemble presents expressions and situations in which the musicians are dependent on each other and the featured materials.

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