Photo: Xavier Lambours


Le cours de la vie

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Germany

The Neue Vocalsolisten and Georges Aperghis share a comprehensive collaboration comprising several works. The composer created unique works based on his detailed understanding of the different personalities. He describes his concept Le cours de la vie (The Course of Life) for his new project with the Neue Vocalsolisten as follows: “On the big street – walking together in threes, in twos, suddenly a changing group, figures, familiar – strange, some hidden, amidst the crowd, then at the side, then all alone. The parting of ways, parties, life goes on, we go on, we make music together, sometimes intimate, sometimes extravagant, joys, fears, thoughts and panic follow in succession, and we move forward, always accompanied by the deceased who swarm around us, sometimes left, sometimes right, good or bad signs, we go on alone or together, we climb the mountain, our music accompanies us day and night, we reach the summit, then...”. The work will be divided into a number of chamber music scenes in a variety of combinations with small and large line-ups to be studied in intense work phases.

Le cours de la vie for six singers and 23 instrumentalists will be premiered in Berlin in Fall 2020. The performance is to reach a wide audience beyond experienced listeners of contemporary music. This is because with its virtuosity and vividness Georges Aperghis’ music also reaches out to the inexperienced ear.

September 2020
Musikfest Berlin, Germany

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