Photo: Heide Benser


neogenesis | ensemble reflektor feat. Ying Wang

ensemble reflektor, Hamburg, Germany

With its new series neogenesis, ensemble reflektor places young female composers at the center of the concert, allowing the audience to experience contemporary music in an accessible and relaxed setting. 2020 marks the start of the biennial series with award-winning composer Ying Wang.

The commissioned work for the full ensemble is concerned with the wild nature of man: "Inside each of us is a wild woman, wild man, or a wild child."
Rewilding is not seen by Ying Wang as a step backwards but as a brave decision for a mindful relationship with nature and with her own complex emotional world. She sets to music the longing for a future in which people can live in harmony with themselves and their environment. The work is to begin with an image of the present from her perspective – a materialistic world that exploits people and nature, that sounds hard, empty and lonely. From this sound, individual instruments shyly and thoughtfully detach themselves, searching for new tones and finding reconciliatory moments and harmonies. The work ends with a hopeful look to a future that Ying Wang describes as "a harmoniously healing world of diversity". These ideas thematically tie in with earlier projects of ensemble reflektor, which already in various concert programs explored people's relationship with their feelings and nature. The selected concert venues offer optimum conditions for an intimate and open concert setting, thus creating the basis for an accessible approach to New Music.

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