Seven Composition Commissions for “Land Schafft Oper”

For almost 30 years now the Festival Neue Musik Rümlingen has brought music and landscape in contact, be this with walks, awaiting the sunrise, installations in the landscape or pure auditory imaginings where the landscape itself resounds only in the heads of the audience. For the 2018 edition with “Land Schafft Oper” the landscape will be turned into a stage for the large musical form that is opera. Landscape opera here does not necessarily mean an open-air stage, “Freischütz”, drama and song but rather that seven composers will weave a piece of landscape of their choice into the work. On a walk in the region around Rümlingen visitors are exposed to either individual, separate opera experiences or an opera in seven parts. And these visitors themselves move here as part of the composition through the stage space of the landscape. The festival shows very different approaches to composition with and in the landscape. The composers (whose works are being supported by the EvS Music Foundation) are either well-known and established figures who have often been to Rümlingen and who are familiar with the landscape (Ruedi Häusermann, Manos Tsangaris, Peter Ablinger, Mischa Käser) or they are young composers who will set the area around Rümlingen to music with a fresh eye (Mauro Hertig, Clara Iannotta). These will be complemented by the interpretation of landscape in a sound performance by Jennifer Walshe, also supported by the EvS Music Foundation. The aim here is for the audience to be free to linger, move or continue on their way while the music sounds out behind them and the tranquility of nature envelopes them.

August 17 – 19, 2018
Rümlingen and Surrounding Area

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