Photo: Igor Ripak


Six Composition Commissions

Black Page Orchestra, Vienna, Austria

Three concerts by the Black Page Orchestra will span an arc from musical marginal zones ("Extrema") to particularly idiosyncratic and deviant positions ("Deviance") to a (possible?) center or personal starting point ("Reference Point/Point Zero”).

"Extrema", as the first concert, focuses on works which are particularly captivating due to their uncompromising aesthetic stance. The program of the second concert, "Deviance", consists of works pursuing very individual compositional approaches, whose themes as well as the materials used defy categorization and classification. Finally, the third concert features music of the 20th century by composers whose works have had a significant impact on contemporary developments. Under the heading "Reference Point/Point Zero", these compositions are juxtaposed with works aimed at sounding out our relationship between music, society and life.

New compositions by Maja Bosnić, Dror Feiler, Matthias Kranebitter, Peter Kutin, Eva Reiter and Christof Ressi will be performed, all sponsored by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

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