The Sound of Pioneers – Composition Commissions issued to Timothy McCormack and Rei Munakata

Curious Chamber Players, c/o Bång, Bandhagen, Sweden


“The Sound of Pioneers” focuses on composers who are updating the timbre of the contemporary mixed ensemble, experimenting with playing techniques, external objects, technology or choreography or other aspects that create a unique expression and sound for ensemble. The conceptual starting point for each composer is “a changing moment in life”. Each composer searches for a memory of a turning point of some kind, either a personal one, or an artistic turning point. In short, something concrete or abstract that became very influential for each composer. Curious Chamber Players (CCP) are very happy to gather a very international group of some of the most forward-thinking and innovative composers of the younger generation; composers who have already manifested a clear and strong personal voice on the contemporary music scene.

With the support of the EvS Music Foundation Timothy McCormack (US) will compose a new work for Paetzold contrabass recorder solo and ensemble, with soloist Anna Petrini (SE). McCormack has found a unique method to create his scores, which enables such parameters as gradual growth of friction or whispering air to be performed with true inspiration by the musicians. Each piece has a specific timbral universe that explores both organic movement and sustained stasis. Rei Munakata often creates a musical relief with a quiet “brittling” and sweeping as a distant foundation for ritualistic instrumental events. Symbolic visual actions by carefully chosen acoustic objects add another layer of association. Also supported by the EvS Music Foundation, he will now compose a new work for flute, clarinet, percussion, objects, guitar, piano, cello, devices and electronics.

With the concept of “a changing moment in life” CCP hope to inspire their audiences to hear how you can interpret a personal experience in music and find a deeper connection to this special moment. Hopefully, this will prompt audiences to also start reflecting on their own life-changing moments, from an artistic angle.


September 12–21, 2019
Ultima Festival, Sentralen, Oslo, Norway

September 26, 2019
TACEC Festival, Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 28, 2019
TACEC Festival, Montevideo, Urugay

November 15–24, 2019
Huddersfield Festival, Bates Mill Blendingshed, Huddersfield, United Kingdom


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