Photo: Christian Damiano



via nova e.V. promotes networking between artists on a supra-regional level. For instance, in SplitScream the Thüringer Ensembles für Neue Musik MIET+ and via nova will merge with Berlin’s Ensemble Adapter to form a special body of musicians. The newly created opportunities for expression will be highlighted by Oscar Escudero and Belenish Moreno-Gil in their commissioned work using electro acoustics, improvisation, light and video art.
Alongside the joint work by Escudero the ensembles will also perform compositions by Jessie Marino, Simon Löffler, Natacha Diels, Sarah Nemtsov, Oriol Saladrigues, Ludger Kisters and Giordano Bruno do Nascimento. Using unconventional composition and performance techniques like electroacoustic elements, improvisation, distortion, light and video art new target groups are to be reached and interest in contemporary music and its composers is to be aroused.

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