Photo: Vincent Stefan


Three Composition Commissions issued to Annesley Black, Oxana Omelchuk and Lisa Streich - Breaking the Wall

Ensemble LUX:NM, Berlin, Germany

In 2019, 30 years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin ensemble LUX:NM is taking the opportunity to focalize the topic of the wall/border and bring a socially critical and questioning project to the stage: How do borders arise? And how can they be torn down again? Are there good walls to protect us and bad walls to shut us out? Can art break walls? The starting point here is the idea that the existential structure of man and his position in reality can be understood as a manifestation of an interplay between border delimitation and dissolution. A staged concert will be developed featuring music by Gordon Kampe and premieres by Ying Wang, Annesley Black, Oxana Omelchuk and Lisa Streich. Together with the stage designer Anton Lucas, fine artist Florian Japp and director Sophia Simitzis, a scenario will emerge that actively challenges the spectators to overcome obstacles, make decisions and become active. The listeners themselves become actors. In cooperation with Berlin schools, the project will be presented to children and young people to demonstrate that, in addition to physical walls, people can also build psychological walls, but that they can also tear both down again. Breaking the Wall – a musical social experiment.

March 2019
Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, Germany

April 6, 2019
Forum neue Musik Cologne, Kammermusiksaal, Deutschlandfunk Cologne, Germany

September 2019
Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, Germany

November 2019
Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra

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