Photo: Sandra Schuck



Ensemble Mosaik, Berlin, Germany

UpToTen features compositions for up to ten musicians – as the title already suggests. The new series follows on from two previous projects – UpToThree and augmented instruments – extending the studies on compositions for the entire ensemble that resulted from these projects. In UpToTen, musicians and composers can thus build on what has been tried and tested. Sound deformations caused by filters, distortion and the like are controlled live by the musicians. The new series is planned as a trilogy: Two further projects are to follow focusing on visuality and text & language, which will also be based on workshop work from the UpToThree series. Once again, musicians and composers are to work closely together here. To this end, Ensemble Mosaik is issuing five commissions to Hanna Hartman, Malte Giesen, Chatschatur Kanajan, Marco Döttlinger and Stefan Streich.

May 14, 2020
Kesselhaus in the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin

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