Viola solo – a Concert Performance Installation for 2 Viola Players in a Multimedia Space

Uhde & Harckensee MusikManagement, Berlin, Germany

Viola solo is at the same time a concert, installation and performance, thereby going far beyond the classical concert format. At its core, viola solo is a solo recital. The viola is centerstage in the contemporary works by Orm Finnendahl, Georg Katzer, Enno Poppe, Giacinto Scelsi, Simon Steen-Andersen and Rama Gottfried. The latter's new work and installation Dress Piece, a composition commission supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, forms the framework, the stage and the material of the concert evening.
Rama Gottfried bases his composition/sound installation Dress Piece on considerations of the psychological, social, practical functions and aspects of dress. The fact that clothing can be expression and form, space and movement, shield and weapon, disguise and revelation at the same time, lays the foundation for a concept that toys with dualisms and paradoxes and finally turns dress into a quasi-animated sound body with its own voice, sound and character.
For the spatial installation, Rama Gottfried conceives specific digital instruments that use analog signals to create visual and auditory processes. As the audience enters and moves through the space, they create a filigree world of sound and images while experiencing themselves as a constitutive component of the work. Finally, the concert performance then "peels" itself away from the initial installative part.

January 30 – February 2, 2020
Villa Elisabeth, Berlin

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