Photo: Franck Fervile


From Within...

Ensemble intercontemporain, Paris, France


Commissioned by the Ensemble intercontemporain in partnership with IRCAM, From Within…, is an interdisciplinary project realized jointly by the visual artist and musician Robert Henke and the composer Marko Nikodijevic. The project seeks to give artistic expression to our sense of existence in a world undergoing profound change as well as to the relationship between spirituality and science. It offers an experience caught somewhere between a concert and an installation, allowing audiences to share in largescale movements as well as infinitesimal details. The title of the project refers to what lies at the heart of the creative process, encouraging the emergence of ideas that until then had been hidden. It also evokes the image of a volcanic eruption ready to unleash its power.


June 8, 2018
Philharmonie de Paris, Cité de la musique, France

June 10, 2018
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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