75th birthday Julio Estrada: Yuunohui

Fonema Consort, New York, USA

To mark the 75th birthday of Mexican composer Julio Estrada Fonema Consort under Pablo Santiago Chin’s artistic guidance is planning the elaboration and premiere of the sixth work in Estrada’s Yuunohui series Yuunohui'Sa. Supported by the EvS Music Foundation this vocal work of Estrada’s will conclude the multi-piece Yuunohui series that Estrada already began in 1983. With the project Fonema Consort also aims to make Estrada’s work better known on the east coast of America. Initially, Chin will assist Estrada from January to April 2018 with the composition of the work. Subsequently, Fonema Consort will elaborate an ensemble version of Yuunohui’Sa with Julio Estrada at the EMPAC Center New York as part of a 6-week residency. Finally, the premiere and further concerts of Yuunohui’Sa – as well as an excerpt of Estrada’s opera Mictlan – are planned in Montreal, New York and Miami.

September – October 2018
EMPAC Center, New York

November 2018
La Sala Rosa, Montreal

December 2018
Waverly Labs for Computing and Music, New York University

March 2019
Miami Beach Urban Studios

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