Photo: Jürg Frey


Breakfast Opera

Maulwerker GbR, Berlin, Germany


Every morning, all round the world, people are having breakfast. An everyday ritual that is heavily impacted by individual preferences and cultural influences. In Breakfast Opera composer Makiko Nishikaze and the Maulwerker ensemble plan to transform this theme, contrapuntual or coalescing, into a spatial and musical situation in a collaboration of music and action. The composition contains sounds, gestures, smells, images and languages. It moves consistently at the interface of the acoustic and the visual where the ears and the eyes, the body, sound and space all meet. When it comes to vocal experiments and “performative music” the Maulwerker ensemble are considered specialists. Performative music uses an extended notion of music bringing elements from performance art, intermedial and conceptual art and contemporary dance theater into music. The interdisciplinary extensions connect the acoustic with visual and spatial perception. The focus here lies on listening.

The aim of the multidimensional project is to open up a space for new perceptions and to question the driving force behind our actions by focusing on the everyday. The audience of the Breakfast Opera will be invited to a special experience of time and space with all their senses listening and thinking.


September 20 and 21, 2018
AckerStadtPalast, Berlin, Germany


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