György Kurtág
Foto: Andrea Felvegi


German Premiere of “Fin de Partie” by György Kurtág at Oper Dortmund

Theater Dortmund, Germany


Already on taking up his role as director at Oper Dortmund Heribert Germeshausen wishes to send out a strong signal in favor of contemporary musical theater committed to the Modern Age. By 2023/24 there should at least be one key premiere, German debut or second staging every year. For this reason, just five months after the premiere at Milan’s Scala, György Kurtág’s Fin de partie is to see its German debut in Dortmund in a re-staging under the direction of Ingo Kerkhof. For three of the four singing roles in Oper Dortmund’s new production it was possible to enlist the protagonists from the Milan Scala production who already spent months with Kurtág perfecting their parts in the run-up to the premiere: Frode Olsen, Leonardo Cortellazzi and Hilary Summers. The same applies for the two conductor-composers who are to take on musical direction: Johannes Kalitzke and Arnaud Arbet, a young composer very familiar with the project as Kurtág’s personal assistant who will assist Francois-Xavier Roth as conductor at Oper Köln. In direct connection with the second presentation of Fin de partie April 28 will also see a scenic realization of Kurtág’s Kafka Fragmente by students at music and theater academy Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock under the direction of Prof. Maria Husmann to be performed at the Junge Oper.


April 18 & 27, 2019
May 5, 11 & 17, 2019
Theater Dortmund, Germany


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