Machina Humana

Lemanic Modern Ensemble, Caroug, Switzerland

Machina Humana – the work penned by Frenchman David Hudry is a co-production between the Lemanic Modern Ensemble, the Archipel festival as well as GRAME. The work is part of a cycle that is aimed at opening up specific perspectives on the industrialized world. While the previous work The Forgotten City deals with the remains of a once flourishing industrial area in the USA, Machina Humana casts its glance on other temporal and geographic locations: the Haute-Savoie in Switzerland. The piece is about the confrontation between man and machine and the question as to who controls whom. Among other things, Hudry works with shots from the Alpine industries – at times used as little snippets and at others long, atmospheric sequences.

March 13, 2018
Biennale Grame, Lyon

March 16, 2018
Festival Archipel

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