Photo: Rainer Rauen


Concert Series hw1920c_

hand werk, Cologne, Germany

Since its foundation in 2011 the chamber music ensemble hand werk has been dedicated to contemporary music. A special focus centers on generating long-term interest in New Music and less on the short-lived programming of premieres. In its consistent work with pieces for both classically instrumental and more unusual line-ups, the ensemble has built up a wide-ranging repertoire in recent years. With its large-scale concert series KONZERTREIHE IN COLOGNE, concerts of the most varied content, themes and selected composition commissions are presented on a quarterly basis. Planned for 2019 and 2020 are HW19C_ #3 KÖLNER GEKLINGEL, HW19C_ #4 GUTE MUSIK 1, HW20C_ #1 GUTE MUSIK 2, HW20C_ #2 RADIKALE MINIMALISTEN, HW20C_ #3 KLASSE SPAHLINGER, HW20C_ #4 FROM HARVARD WITH LOVE. In these concerts hand werk presents a wide, artistically discerning range of contemporary music in its connections with other arts. New concert venues, unusual concert formats and collaborations with artists all aim to take the New Music scene out of its isolation more decisively. The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation is funding the hand werk concert series.

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