Photo: Jakob Adolphi


1st Concert Series New Music in Bremen

Ensemble New Babylon, Bremen, Germany

The Ensemble New Babylon has been selected by Bremen’s Senator of Culture to receive concept funding for the years 2018-2020. One of the aims of this funding is to realize the subscription series “New Music” in Bremen. The programmatic focus is to fill concert evenings with one work each presenting a theme in depth. Music is performed here that is rarely featured in other concert programs due to the long period of time passing since the premiere. Given the pieces are therefore rarely performed, it is an opportunity for the audience, the City of Bremen and the musicians to engage intensively with a composition. Morton Feldman’s Piano and String Quartet (1985), Sarah Nemtsov’s Poker, Roulette (2012), Hans Werner Henze’s El Cimarrón (1970) and Jennifer Walshe’s 13 Vices (2015) will be performed in this context at Bremen’s Sendesaal broadcasting hall in 2020. It is particularly important to the Ensemble New Babylon to have a parity of male and female composers. This programming practice is aimed at making it clear that a balance of this kind is also necessary in the classical contemporary music scene.

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